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Greetings!  We have gotten the go-ahead to use river rocks from our site 
(currently being excavated) to exercise our sweat equity and build our 
face in the commmon house.  It was originally spec'ed with some fake rock 
covering.  While we are looking forward to this bonding (mortaring?) community 
experience, there is no one in the group with extensive masonry experience, 
especially when it comes to using rocks for the fireplace.  The actual 
construction event is a ways off, so I am writing to see if anyone has good 
ideas for resources (books, people, videos) that might set us on the right 
in the meantime, so we can maybe practice and know what to expect.  I am 
thinking as an example of the Foxfire references that showed how to do all 
of self-sufficiency projects.

Thanks for any leads!
Stephanie Weigel
River Rock Cohousing -- Near the Poudre River in Fort Collins, CO
(a few units left -- to be built starting with the Common House which should 
begin in August -- contact me if you are interested)

sweigel [at]

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