Legal Documents
From: Peter Scott (
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 22:01:56 -0500

Our group is in the establishment phase, we have engaged a lawyer to set
up a development entity and are bending our minds to the many issues
associated with members investing. Does anyone out there have any
documents that might help us avoid reinventing some of this stuff? And
willing to send them?

We are using a $2000 full membership fee, and allowing additional uneven
investment, will likely develop as a company, in joint venture with a
developer, will develop 25 or so units at once to be onsold back to
members on a strata title type arrangement (condo).

We are in New Zealand, and so the law here is quite different, but your
documents should help resolve the issues for us. Can unravel attachments
for PC-->Word97. Grateful for your help.

Peter Scott,   for
Legal & Financial Task group
Waitakere Eco-Neighbourhood Cohousing Project of New Zealand

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