Re: allocation of common costs
From: Judy Baxter (
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 17:46:54 -0500

the posts I've seen so far on this question of common costs span the spectrum
as I  know it.  *there is no best way, IMHO*

- per household, means very small households including (often, tho not
always, with less income)  pay the same as larger ones, say 2 adults plus 1-3

        that didn't seem fair to us, tho there are some ways in which smalller
households use common facilities more.

-per sq foot, size, price (all roughly related to size) , which was seen as
penalizing large homes, somewhat.

We use a mixture - for common costs - 25% on per household basis, 75% on a
proportion-to-size basis.  We discussed these ratios quite a lot - there is no
right answer, of course, but the group seems comfortable with this.  We played
with a logarithmic formula that a group in Tasmania posted, but decided it was
too hard to explain, and this is very similar.

I found it hard to believe this isn't in the archives  (I know I've posted this
before) but I couldn't find anything under cost, or common (seems weird).  I
used the search all Cohousing discussion at the CSF site.  Anybody have any
ideas how there could be nothing with "common" in the subject header?

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