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Congratulations, Patty!  I'm a member of Liberty Village Cohousing
Community, and love to hear the stories about what life is like in
cohousing, and look forward to your periodic "journal" entries and you pass
through the growing phases of beginning to live together and deepen your
sense of community.  We at Liberty Village hope to be following in your
footsteps in the not to distant future (details to follow soon, once
they're official.)  I have found that prospective members also particularly
enjoy reading these real stories.  It often is comforting hearing the good,
the doubts, and how they get resolved.  Keep those stories coming, and
again, congratulations!  May the (construction) road rise to meet you!

Carrie Burmaster from Liberty Village in Frederick County, Maryland, where
we're all getting very excited these days as we are so close to
infrastructure building we can almost taste it!

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