Re: allocating common costs
From: Joaniblank (
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 22:38:04 -0500
 I don't think anyone from the Rochester, NY group that I visited recently is
on coho-l right now, but I thought they had an interesting way of doing it.
Their common house is half of a duplex that is owned by one of their members.
The group rents the common house from the owners. (Two adjoining houses are
owned (or rented?)  by members,  a couple of other member households live very
close by, and a couple of others live a mile or two away).  I think I've got
this right (if not, someone please correct me: The household type that pays
the most -- if I remember  correclty, it's about $86/month--is a family of two
adults. If they have a child or children, they pay LESS. A single adult pays
even less. 

Obviously this info may not be useful to a more conventional "classic"
cohousing community, but I thought it interesting that they had chosen to do
it this way. A sort of "each according to his/her......." system.

Joani Blank
Doyle St. CoHousing now, Old Oakland CoHousing in about a year, and at the
moment a ten-day visitor to Pioneer Valley on the right coast. NOTE: please
ignore the fact that this email comes from an AOL address. My e-dress is still
jeblank [at]

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