Junk email
From: Eleanor Chandler (ejcshines.swis.net)
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 17:42:42 -0500
I subscribe to the Cohousing discussion list, but have received no
postings since one entitled 'Updated Cohousing Web Site' on 13th
August.  Is it that there have been no further postings, or have I
stopped receiving them for some reason?

In addition today I have received three junk emails.  I have never
received one before and I am outraged at the thought that I might start
getting these every day -  I find it really invasive.  They all
originate in the US.  Could my address have been obtained through the
Cohousing discussion list?  And does anyone have any ideas as to what I
can do about this?

Eleanor Chandler
Devon Cohousing Group, UK

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