Cohousing-L and Junk email - list manager response
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 08:55:02 -0500
On Sun, 16, 1998, Eleanor Chandler wrote:

> I subscribe to the Cohousing discussion list, but have received no
> postings since one entitled 'Updated Cohousing Web Site' on 13th
> August.  Is it that there have been no further postings, or have I
> stopped receiving them for some reason?
> In addition today I have received three junk emails.  I have never

There has been little traffic on Cohousing-L in the last few days.
Tho between the message Eleanor cited and hers there were two messages:
(And I see no problem with her sub)

Aug 13 Gabriel36 [at]     (936) Re:Northwest Conference            
Aug 15 Zev Paiss           (1,599) Coho Network Needs Special Help
Aug 16 Eleanor Chandler    (1,365) Junk email

>From time to time volume of the list does drop off tho some of us see this
as a welcome breather tho not too long ago I got suspicious and posted
about a lull :)


I dont think Cohousing-L is connected to any recent junk mail tho the only
way to tell (possibly) is if folks forward suspected mail (including
complete headers to me. If a pattern develops (e.g. multiple subscribers
got the same email )

Cohousing-L has two primary safegards againts spam and junk mail.
The list of subscribers is not available via command to the listserver 
(it will only tell you how many subscribers there are).  Email messages
distributed by cohousing-L must be sent from a subscribed address,
otherwise they are "rejected". 

However if you post to cohousing-L your address is distributed to the 500
or so subscribers as well as goes into the archives and is thus publically
available.  This has not been a problem to date that I am aware of.

Fred, cohousing-L list manager

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