Junk Mail
From: Sharon Villines (SharonVillinesprodigy.net)
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 09:58:46 -0500
Spammers have so many ways of picking up email addresses that it is very
hard to trace the source. I use Prodigy as my internet and email provider
and I get very little spam. They are very good about monitoring multiple
messages sent from one address at the same time. They will even refuse to
receive ANY mail from another internet service provider who allows its
customers to send spam. 

This also means that some of my messages to my own mail lists which contain
multiple addresses at the same address are also blocked (To several people,
all at @cohousing.net, for example). It is a small price to pay for avoiding
what many of my friends get at aol.com which does nothing to stop spam.

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