Community Chore Systems
From: Deborah Behrens (
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:07:36 -0500
Highline Crossing is trying to structure a community chore system and
could use the advice of other built communities who have set up their
own that they think are working fairly well.  (we don't expect any
system to work perfectly).   I know I'm asking for alot of information,
and you may not have the time or knowledge to answer all my questions,
but any responses would be appreciated.  We've been over three years
without a system and there are some very overworked people in our
community who would like our 'system' to change.  I've seen that places
like Windsong, Pioneer Valley, and Commons on the Alameda have fairly
extensive systems, but I don't have all the details that I would like,
in order to present the information to my community.
Thanx so much for your help and advice, 
Debbie Behrens, Highline Crossing, Littleton CO

How does your community structure its work?  
What expectations are put on community members for amounts of work per
Is there a charge if they don't perform minimum amounts of work?  How
does it work?
Are the work expectation hours set up on an individual or household
Are children / teens expected to contribute? 
Do you establish longterm chores that people sign up for on a monthly or
quarterly basis, or do you break the chores down to smaller chunks?
What types of work are included in your chore system?
How have you established what needs to be done on a continuing basis?
What about infrequent but onorous chores?
What do you do about the chores that no one signs up for?
How do you ensure that people are qualified to do the chores they sign
up for, particularly if specialized tools are required?
How do you monitor chore completion, and quality of work?
What about differing abilities?
Do you have any paid work positions?
What aids do you use to help you run your chore system?
What else could you tell me about your system that I've forgotten to

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