Cohousing assessments--what do you pay?
From: Carl Chatfield (
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 17:19:44 -0500
I'm on the board at Sharingwood Cohousing near Seattle, Washington. We were
wondering how our unit assessments compare to other cohousing communities
(with either condo or coop ownership models)--how assessments are levied,
what they cover, and the amount. 

Here are the Sharingwood numbers. Monthly assessment is $50 per month per
unit for owners, and $25 per month per adult renter. Assessments are billed
monthly. Ongoing maintenance costs of common areas is covered by assessments
(so far), as are common house utilities. We currently have 17 assessable
units, plus two assessable renters.

How does this compare to your community?

Carl Chatfield
carlch [at]

Sharingwood Cohousing
Where we decided to spend half an hour this morning chatting with our
neighbor before carpooling to work, because it was time better spent.

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