Units/Project available, Concord(CA) eCohousing
From: mdemaio (mdemaiojuno.com)
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 23:17:20 -0500
As project proponent of Concord Oasis Mini-Ecohousing, I (Mark DeMaio)
have made a life passage decision to move to the Tahoe area to live with
my significant other.  As such, I am faced with the difficult decision of
significantly letting go of a ten year green community building effort
and  I desire  to make some serious divestiture of property associated
with this project.  I seek to find a group, project proponent, or
individuals that can commit to making this project an organic infill
cohousing reality  (ala N-Street).  This wonderful 3 parcel
environmentally designed subdivision includes 2 two completed buildings,
one of which is a Real Goods flexible floor plan demonstration program
home, the other a smaller older home.  Under construction is a
combination common house/ multiple household flexible floor plan research
quality straw bale  building at the mid-framing stage that I am committed
to having completed by no later than March, 1999.  The neighbor on the
parcel behind us has an oversize lot with a sf home with fantastic live
work/ expansion potential on a busy corner lot and has indicated  a
willingness to market the project with mine. 

Because of the flexible floor plan nature of  these 4 SF buildings/ lots
on about an acre, it is difficult to  describe the project in terms of
the number  of units, but I think the following approximate information
is useful: 14 bedrooms, 10 baths, 4 kitchens, 4  "Kitch-ettes"on 6500 +?
sf of interior space.  7-9 small households could live here easy; 4
households (1large) do now. The completed project could sell for somewhat
less than $1,000,000, with individual buildings priced from $179-$325K
(3br/1Ba to 5br/3ba). I am interested in any and all offers, particularly
those that would keep this small cohousing seed source together. This
would be an excellent opportunity for persons interested in a cohousing
coop, with a possible link to a Tahoe/ Foothill Oasis project that I'd
like to be involved in.

Add'l neighborhood info: We're located on a bus line to BART, adjacent to
a "wild" canal. The neighbor on the other side from us has indicated that
they will be retiring and moving 2 years from now or less.  On the other
side of this adjacent neighbor is a new neighbor very interested, and
possibly willing to participate in this project.  Across a private drive
from this project is a church with vacant infill type land.

Bring your freinds, family and core group members and move in !!!!!!!

In Sustainable Community,
Mark DeMaio, PE
Concord Oasis E-coHousing 
Where we're currently framing a straw bale building, scheduling informal
low to no
cost worshops, and seek volunteers, workers, and core group participants.

e -mail:mdemaio [at] juno.com
or call Laurel Ellis at 925-228-9372; 
email: laellis [at] email.msn.com 

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