East Coast Conference
From: ann zabaldo (annzlibertyvillage.com)
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 13:27:03 -0500
Just when you thought it was safe to come out...The Cohousing Network
(Mid-Atlantic Chapter) in conjunction with Heartbeat Cities is
planning an East Coast conference for the weekend of November 20-22,
1998.  Even if you live west of the Mississippi please come!

Heartbeat Cities is one of the sponsors of this conference.  The firm
is a for profit company working with cohousing communities on the
east coast.  The company specializes in site development,
architectural design, and construction managment (project
management.)  They are currently initiating two cohousing communities
in the Baltimore, MD area.  For more information please visit their
website at:  www.heartbeatcities.com.

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful 1996 conference
in Amherst, Massachusetts, the conference is targeted to people
currently involved in creating or developing a cohousing community
and for those living in built communities.  There will also be
special workshops for those interested in starting a cohousing
community or learning more about the cohousing phenomenon.

Several members of the Board of Trustees of The Cohousing Network
have already indicated their availability to attend and present
workshops at the conference.

The site we have located is a gorgeous Quaker school in Newtown just
outside Philadelphia, PA.  The conference fee of $150.00 includes the
conference workshops, events and meals.  The surrounding area is
abundant with lodging options from camping to hostels ($8.00 per
nite) to hotel accommodations ($79.00 per nite double beds.)
Something is available for everyone's budget.

The conference is a fund-raiser for TCN Mid-Atlantic.

We need 150 people to make this conference work.

Before we get too much further into this project we're doing a little
market research.  Can you help us by answering the following

Would you attend a 2 day conference in the Philadelphia, PA area the
weekend of Nov. 20-22?  Friday afternoon through Sunday noon.  (This
is the weekend before Thanksgiving.)

Can you pay $150 for the conference including meals?

Will you volunteer for pre-conference or on-site conference tasks?
(For instance, a pre-conference task would be serving on the Program
committee -- soliciting and finalizing workshops; an-on site task
would be manning the registration table.)

If you are in a cohousing group will you serve as a contact between
your group and the conference? (distribute flyers to community;
encourage your future neighbors to attend; collect registrations if

Are you willing to distribute flyers outside your immediate
community?  To whom and where?

Would you be willing to facilitate, lead or co-lead a workshop?    On
what topic(s)?

Other considerations/thoughts?

Please let me know as soon as possible if you can attend.  We are
working under very tight deadlines.  With your help we can make this

Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Liberty Village Cohousing (:~
annz [at] libertyvillage.com

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