Michael Mariner, active cohousing advocate dead at 53
From: Fred H. Olson (fholsoncohousing.org)
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 16:38:04 -0500
I decided to repost the message below with the clearer subject line.
Also included below is a text copy of an article from the 
Below are some of the details about Mike's death as posted
yesterday by his mother with  http://www.durangoherald.com/news9281.htm
which did not get distributed on cohousing-L due to a problem.

A message was posted last week that Mike had died to the "Ehouse" mailing
list for Cohousing Network board members and others with no details
by Zev Paiss but I chose to await some details before posting here.

Mike had been active on this list, the Rocky Mountain Cohousing
Asscociation and the forming Cohousing Network, the cohousing Web site
and was writing two books with cohousing related themes.  He had recently
announced that he was going to devote more energy to his books 
which he was hopeful of completing this fall.

Mike will be missed.


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Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 16:37:54 -0500
From: ZeeSailor [at] aol.com
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I'm Mike Mariner's mother.  I've been told that many co-housers have
wondered what has happened to Mike, who has not been answering his E-mail. 
I regret to tell you that Michael was found dead near a beautiful stream
in San Juan County Colorado two weeks ago.  The circumstances were and are
mysterious.  Law officers are trying to find a solution.  It is highly
unlikely that any of my son's co-housing associates would have any
information at all, but if someone does have even a tiny remote
clue...please let us know.  The San Juan County Sheriff is leading an
investi-gation which also includes the Durango police and the Colorado
Bureau of Investigation.  Our close friends received their last E Mail
from Mike on August 17 . 

Please convey this information to the appropriate co=housing address. 

Thanks.  Terry Mariner  (zeesailor [at] AOL.Com)



Shadow Body found in Cascade creek identified as Durango man
   Copyright © 1998 The Durango Herald. All rights reserved.
   Aug. 25, 1998
   By Joshua Moore
   Herald Staff Writer
   Authorities in San Juan County, Colo., have identified the body of a
   man found Saturday evening near Cascade Creek as Michael Mariner, 53,
   of Durango.
   San Juan County Sheriff Greg Leithauser said Monday that an autopsy
   had been performed on Mariner, but said the final results of the
   autopsy, including the cause of death, would not be available for a
   few days.
   Leithauser said an investigation into Mariner's death is continuing,
   but foul play is not suspected.
   Mariner moved to Durango about two months ago, Leithauser said, but
   had not found employment. Mariner, whose only known family was in
   Grand Junction, was unmarried and had no children, Leithauser said.
   A resident of a cabin found Mariner's body Saturday evening near a
   culvert about one mile up Cascade Creek, west of U.S. Highway 550
   about 30 miles north of Durango.
   San Juan County Coroner John Jacobs initially reported that Mariner's
   body had been resting for about two hours before it was found, but
   Leithauser said investigators now believe it had been there for about
   five hours.
   A man who answered the telephone at Mariner's Durango residence
   refused to talk about Mariner, saying that no one there knew him well.
   Leithauser said Mariner apparently enjoyed hiking and being outdoors.
   "He was a guy who just liked to go into the woods," Leithauser said.

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