Cob Cohousing?
From: Mike Carter (
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 18:38:20 -0500
Hello, Cohousing folk.  New to this list so don't know if this type of post
is appropriate - apologies in advance if it is not.  Carol Cannon and I are
looking for a community where the dwellings and common structures either are
or will be made out of Cob (clay, sand, and straw).  Alternatively, a
community (that would be tolerant of our Cob buildings) where the homes are
partly owner-built with some form of earth building or strawbale techniques.
For family reasons, the location would have to be in Northern California or
Oregon, which also happen to have recent examples of Code Inspector approved
Cob buildings.

Some weeks ago I made a tour through CA and OR looking for Cobbers who were
interested in forming a community.  Most of us seem isolated down dirt roads
that need 4WD in the Winter, though I found lots of people who think they
would LIKE to live in a community (and a few communities that have
experimented with Cob).  I even met one cohousing person in OR who wanted to
move to (and build in) a Cob cohousing community if such existed.  Carol has
attended a Cohousing Company workshop in this area and we are enthusiastic
about the approach.  But we don't want to go to the great effort of
organizing and building a cohousing community if one already exists that we
can fit into.

Mike Carter, Carol Cannon
cobcrew [at]
Austin, TX    USA

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