Re: COHOUSING-L digest 594
From: HeidiNYS (
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 11:40:27 -0500
Dear Bruce,

Have to absolutely agrre that common-huse first is best!
We built ours as house were being finished.... but doing it right off, first
seems wisest.
We have had serious financial stretches, almost pricing ourselves out, in
similar market to yours  [Ulster county NY..... 12 units lived-in, room for 2
more!!! Interested????]
We have had to phase our Common-house in, and would suggest that.  We have
basically one large room, a kids room, and kitchen.  and bathroom.  That's it.
Fairly late on e decided to try for a basement, where we'll have washers and
driers.  Basement costs much less p sq ft.  

We'll do rest of Common-house when we get 2 more households.  We hope.  
I think Lynn made the point, i need add little but agreement!!!  Ad it is ot
unusual to hve someone, as we do, who is allergic to animals, and so can come
to dinners/meetings, etc in CH, but not in half our homes [our CH is 4-foot
All Best,
Ruth Hirsch, Cantines Island Co-housing, Saugerties,NY
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