Program Committee
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 22:29:40 -0500
Hi all!

We're looking for volunteers to serve on the Program Committee for
the East Coast conference.   This is THE OPPORTUNITY to design the
conference.  Please contact Joani Blank directly if you are willing
to be part of the important committee:   Joani Blank
jeblank [at]

The Program Committee is responsible for choosing workshop topics and
securing presentors for those workshops.  Most of the time, it's all
of one piece e.g. Bruce Coldham will be presenting his Time Line
Game.  The Committee will also decide the length of the sessions; the
free time in-between sessions and include any special plenary
sessions such as Chuck's keynote address or any other special
event.   A number of people have already stepped forward to offer
their services in presenting workshops so you're not starting from
ground zero by any means.  The Committe also draws up the "program"
for the conference packets and will develop materials for the
packets, including an evaluation form for the conference, a list of
presentors w/ some biographical info, etc.  in concert w/ a logistics
person TBA who will make sure it all gets copied, collated,
distributed and stuffed in the conference packets.

Serving on any of the conference committees is a great service.
Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Liberty Village Cohousing (:~
annz [at]

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