Cohousing Slide Show
From: Hartzell Family (
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 09:26:26 -0500
I am in the process of creating a short (~30 minute) slide presentation
about cohousing.  I intend to use the presentation to help spread the word
about the cohousing movement to households here in my region.  I also hope
the free presentations will spur interest in the small developing coho
community that I'm involved in here in Pennsylvania. I have many slides of
Sharingwood (where we lived for many years) and a few of other Puget Sound
area communities. But limiting my presentation to just those slides will
not provide the audience with the true image of the uniqueness of the
communities across the US and elsewhere.

If any of you have an extra slide or two that you could donate toward my
project I'd be very greatful. I'm looking for general site photos but more
importantly I need shots of the human site of cohousing.  So shots of
dinner, meetings, celibrations, etc. My budget is limited, but I'd be
willing to pay postage and possibily the cost of reproducing your slides
and returning the originals.  If you do have slides to donate, including a
few sentences of text describing the shots would help a lot.

My mailing address is;

Bill Hartzell
181 Orrtanna Road
Orrtanna, PA  17353

Thanks for you help!

Bill at The Hundredfold Farm Project.  Where we grow both community and

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