A new cohousing web site
From: Graham Meltzer (g.meltzerqut.edu.au)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:25:52 -0500
Well folks, 

It's only taken two years, but I finally got a web site together.  It is
called 'Cohousing Research and Education' because it focuses on my ongoing
research into the relationship between cohousing and 'sustainability' and
also, some of the cohousing projects I run with students of architecture.  

To all those inspiring cohousing people I visited and studied way back in
the Fall of 96 - THANK YOU.  I'm sorry it has taken so long to get this site
up and running. It has always been my intention to make the findings of my
study available to the public at large rather than have it remain
inaccessible in academic journals.  Unfortunately, the pressures of academic
life these days have rendered extra-curricula activities (such as writing
web pages) somewhat of a luxury and it has taken much longer than anticipated

The site is still in its infancy.  It currently has site plans and photos of
the 18 communities I visited back then, some papers I've written and
something about student projects.  I soon hope to put up some of the raw
data I gathered.  Some of the site plans and images are of dubious quality
and I'll improve that as we go.  I'd really like some feedback on how you
find it - the formatting, quality etc and what you would like to see more of
so that I can fashion the site to suit the demand.

Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed their time and energy to
filling out my surveys and being interviewed.  The site is dedicated to you.

Best wishes

Graham Meltzer

PS the address is;


I hope to have it registered with the Cohousing Network Site soon.

Graham Meltzer

Lecturer (Architectural Design and Social Ecology)
School of Architecture, Interior and Industrial Design
Queensland University of Technology, 
GPO Box 2434, Brisbane, Australia 4001.

Tel:(617)38642535(w)  (617)38702090(h)  Fax:(617)38641528

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