From: weigel (sweigellamar.ColoState.EDU)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 11:05:28 -0500
Most copy centers (eg Kinkos) will make buttons for your group from your
 artwork for a reasonable price -- the more buttons you get the cheaper the

We have had 2 sets of 
buttons made -- one for a festival where we had a booth, they had a picture of
house and said "Ask me about Martinez Park Cohousing".  Then when we broke 
ground this spring we had larger buttons make proclaiming "River Rock Commons 
Groundbreaker" , with a picture of a River and some river rocks (we changed the
 name to reflect the wishes of the community and 
our location near the Poudre River and the abundance of River Rock on the site!)
We gave buttons to all the dignitaries that attended the groundbreaking, as
as to ourselves.  I'm sure they will be collector's items some day!

Stephanie Weigel
River Rock Commons
Fort Collins, CO
sweigel [at]

[ground is broken and the undergrounds are going in.  Walked up there with the 
dog last night and peered into a deep hole at lots of large pipes]

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