Once You've Moved in, How DO You Manage Things?
From: LouHarr (LouHarraol.com)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 21:32:02 -0500

Dear Coho People,

     I love hearing all the stories and information that comes 

 from this source! They've helped all of us.

     I have a question.

     We are about 7 months away from move in. We will make 

 a change from managing through a Coordinating 
 Committee, which is the official manager legally as well as 

overseeing all the community work. It is composed of the 
 chairs of all the committees ( membership ) etc.

     Our new legel entity will be a Home Owners Assn which 

has prescribed roles for dues maintainance etc. and is 
 required by the state.

      My question is, do you have your legel entity, HOA, or 
 whatever form it  is  just stick with it's legally designated 
 items OR do you use it to coordinate and manage the  

 actual day to week jobs : meals, landscape etc. etc.

     OR do you have a second structure that takes care of  
 these kinds of things.

    If anyone is moved to describe how you are organized  
 we'd love to learn about it !!!!

    I am a member of Two Acre Wood in Sebastopol, Calif.

    Thank you for any responses you make--Louise Harris

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