Re: Once You've Moved in, How DO You Manage Things?
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 14:45:24 -0500
As a lot-development model, we at RoseWind Cohousing didn't have quite 
the switch in set up that you have, but we did go through various phases 
of legal structure or lack of it prior to the final, and current, 
Homeowners' Association. We are also a non-profit (""miscellaneous mutual 
benefit") corporation in the State of Washington, for that matter. 

At no time did our legal structure have much to do with our daily 
affairs. Once a year we send in the required form to the state, 
identifying our officers. Our "president" and "vice-president" have no 
designated powers at all, except being among the designated signers of 
checks and major legal documents. The secretary and treasurer are real 
jobs. Then we have whatever our current array of committees and task 
forces are: presently we have a Steering Committee, Facilitators Team, 
Common House planning committee, Architectural Review, Finance (including 
the treasurer and several others), Recruitment and Development, and 

Our CC&Rs and Bylaws are "real" in that they contain rules that we abide 
by. And we have various other policies, guidelines, and decisions we 
agree on at meetings, over time. 

Figure out what work needs to be done, and who will do it, and give the 
groups names-- that's all. If there are jobs that are finite in duration 
-- planning a retreat, working up a given document, etc, then you can 
call it a Task Force, and have it disband when its purpose is 
accomplished. You'll need to decide among yourselves if you want do 
allocate certain leadership or coordination functions to a smaller 
group--- most groups do this in some way, to form meeting agendas, keep 
in touch with issues and how and if they are being addressed, etc. You 
can always try out a given arrangement, and change or drop it if it 
doesn't work. You can even adopt systems with a specific "sunset" date, 
at which time you will re-affirm it, change or drop it. 

It will all work out--- have faith and keep breathing!

Lynn Nadeau, Port Townsend WA 

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