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From: HeidiNYS (
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 21:59:10 -0500
RE: House Choice

Dear Becky,

Good questions!

We were really pretty fortunate, having no big to-dos over ths, was not  a
contentious process.
We did a couple of things.  Each household was asked to choose first three
choices.  And BTW, for most, any of those 3 woud have been just fine.  Most
did get first choice.  In fact, of those of us here who were in that process,
we probably each got first choice.  and of course, some folks [sadly] dropped
out!  Later comers who took their places, got those sites!!  Really did work
out just fine.  We've got stuff we're dealing with, of course, but house sites
have not been a problem.
Starting with 3 picks helped.
At one point, we stood in relation to one another, as if at house sites.
don't know if this helped, but it didn't hurt!!!  did reflect how close house
would be..... and there's some advantage to each and every site!

Hope this helped....All Best,
Ruth Hirsch
Cantines Island Co-housing, Saugerties, NY.
Know someone who wants to rent space in co-housing, near Woodstock NY???
Please write!
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