New Live "Call-in" Show
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 20:54:13 -0500
Hi all!

I am launching a new one hour live call-in "Q & A and Round Table
Discussion" show on the 1st
Thursday of every month beginning Thursday, October 1 at 10:00 p.m.
EDST.  Each "show" will feature a special guest who is an expert in
one or more areas of the cohousing process and will field questions
from the "audience."  Participants will also be able to respond.
This "show" will take place on a telephone "bridge" line.  Technical
details below.

Zev Paiss is my guest on Oct .1st.  Katie is my guest for November
5th.  I invite you to participate in this one hour coho discussion.
This "show" is an opportunity to talk with the "movers & shakers" in

I see this "show" as a natural extension of the Cohousing-L.  It
fleshes out this forum by having an experienced person lead the
discussion and having the participants themselves contribute to the
discussion in *real* time.  It will also allow the participants to
"meet" each other and develop their own relationships.  There will be
time for cohousing/community related announcements.

The phone bridge is limited to 30 participants so I ask that people
sign up in advance. Participants will dial a central number at 10:00
p.m. EDST.  As soon as any two people access the line at the same
time, the line is "bridged" holding it open for everyone else to
join.  The only charge to the participants is their own actual
individual long distance charge.  The "bridge" line itself is free.
Call waiting must be disabled and a mute button is preferable.

To reserve a space and get the bridge line number, email me at
annz [at]    Specify which "show" you would like to
participate in: Oct. 1 or Nov. 5th ... or both.   If there is space
available 24 hours before the show, I will post the bridge line
number on the Cohousing-L and you can call in.  (People reserving a
space will be given preference.)

Please join me for what promises to be a lively discussion about our
favorite topic -- and won't it be a relief from Monica...

Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Liberty Village Cohousing (:~
annz [at]

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