Re: Coho Network Needs Special Help
From: fertilezone (
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 23:54:39 -0500
> Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 09:21:02 +0000
> From: Zev Paiss <zpaiss [at]>
> To: cohousing-l [at]
> Subject: Coho Network Needs Special Help
> .. Is there an attorney somewhere out there (who) could take a 
look at our plans for the formation of Chapters of the Network, and 
assure us we are in compliance?
> Zev Paiss, Executive Director
> The Cohousing Network

When I read this post back on August 15th, and several similar 
posts revolving around legal questions, I was considering an 
innocent suggestion, but after looking into it further, it became a 
very time consuming ordeal.  

The publicly traded company, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.  has 
created a legal package that includes, Unlimited Toll-Free Attorney 
Consulting for less than most people pay for their Internet service.

You can presumably speak to a locally assigned attorney / law firm 
and receive unlimited expert council about any legal matter.

However, in order for me to recommend the service they asked me 
to become a customer service Associate and attend a class.  

I had limited my input on this list to forwarding useful information; 
(ie) ideas about Court Ordered Community Service volunteers, 
special financial help for atypical institutions, subsidies exchanged 
for land easements & renewable utility installations, etc..

I've been a co-housing wanabe for a while, have a background as a 
paralegal and a college emphasis in business law, however, after I 
decided this legal service was worthwhile to suggest, in reply to 
Zev's and other posts, and agreed to take the required class, this 
suggestion became a conflict of interests, since this company will 
compensate me for any memberships generated.

The reason I originally felt this suggestion was useful for co-
housing groups was it's HMO model structure. It costs less than 
either Cell Phone service or Cable TV, and the legal plans seemed 
useful for co-housing, since it includes free review of closing 
documents / contracts / or formation of chapters, and free Traffic / 
Accident Defence, Wills, letter writing, and up to 150 hours of other 
Pre/Trial/Services, which will increase with each year of 

I was also impressed that this Pre-Paid Legal Service screens all 
attorney providers, requires a 24 hour client response, is ABA 
approved, publicly traded, over 25 years old, found in employer 
benefit packages, and may be the most economical legal council 
currently available in the United States.  

If this all cost less than most internet service fees, I feel its still 
relevant and worthwhile to mention here.  The press is also ranking 
the service and company favorably.

Since it was so time consuming to investigate and get this posted, 
I feel it's appropriate to mention that my efforts can only be 
rewarded if I can mail your application, with my special associate 
number, before you mail it to the corporate offices.  

In turn I can do my best to assure the assigned providers match 
the specific legal specialization most suited to your co-housing 
community needs.

Web Site Name:   Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. & Associates
Email:                  ppl [at]
Customer Service Associate: 
                           Roger Ruhle roger [at]
Associate Phone: 425/823-3174

Unless specifically invited to continue this thread, I will be limiting 
any further remarks to private parties.


Roger R.

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