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Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 02:05:04 -0500
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From:                   Brigitte Wilbern <allooui [at]>
Subject:                Re: Rental homes

> I just read a posting from you (in) July. ..Did you get any 
responses ..?  Would you be willing to share with us ? (at) 
Blueberry Hill in VA. ..Some owners will need boarders to help 
(with) payments.
> My name is Brigitte and my email is
>        allooui [at]
> Thank you in advance if you can send something.

Hello Brigitte,

Thank you for the warm invitation.  I have family and friends in or 
near VA, and would be delighted to move there from Seattle. 

Unfortunately my better half perceives some kind of forbidden terror 
of the east coast, weather, storms, etc.. 

I produced a 10 year longitudinal study that proves Virginia has 
more sunshine and warmer overall temperatures than Seattle, but 
she swears some awful snow blizzard was in the news recently in 

Well, you get the picture... When fear articulates reason, 
persuasion has no power.  Nevertheless, I will keep your message 
just in case.

Another idea is to recruit new interest in co-housing from your 
nearest college.  Well screened college students may be more 
likely to appeal to co-housing, than the traditional rental market.   

You might post an ad with the college paper, housing office, or on 
campus bulletin boards.  Parents and students use all of these 
sources to find housing during college.  I happily sharing a 2 
bedroom Apt. with 4 to 5 people at a time during my entire college 

By the way, Rob Sandelin's original reply to my post is below.  
This should help you with your efforts to find renters specifically 
seeking co-housing.  

Best wishes to you

Roger Ruhle, Co-housing WanaBe
Pre-Paid Legal Customer Service Associate

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 98 21:30:37 UT
From: "Rob Sandelin" <Floriferous [at]>
Subject: RE: Rental homes: advertising of

..The FIC website has a communities reach board where you can 
post openings and this gets about a dozen postings a week? about 
all forms of community. A similar web posting on the cohousing 
site for rentals would be a good addition to the cohousing website. 
.. I understand a redesign is being developed. So maybe by this fall 
there will be something new to look at.

Rob Sandelin

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