College students as renters in cohousing
From: Morrison, Robert (
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 14:55:05 -0500
>   On Sat. Sept. 19, fertilezone [at] wrote (Subject: Re: Rental
> homes), suggesting that cohousers seek college students as renters.
> (Sorry, I don't have the message handy to paste text from.)
>   I would be cautious about this. Students can be very noisy. (I have
> some second-hand experience with this, and will discuss it further if
> anyone is interested.) 
>   I think the idea was for cohousers to rent an extra room in their
> unit
> to
> 1-2 students. This is less likely to cause problems than having an
> absentee
> owner rent out an entire unit to 4-5 students (a common practice with 
> conventional apartments and duplexes in college towns). But I would 
> still be cautious about targeting students (for example, by posting
> paper
> ads on bulletin boards on college campuses) as renters. I think it
> would
> be better to advertise in an off-campus forum. 
> Bob Morrison
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