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From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 08:24:04 -0500
On Wed, 23 Sep 1998, Morales Jose wrote:

> I heard about an African-American cohousing group in Chicago.  Does
> anybody know how to get ahold of them? 
> Jose Morales
> Rad Onc  UCSF  / Envi Onc  NYU
> morales [at]
> BoricuaNet NCPRR
> jose [at]

Harambee Homes, an 8 unit development built largely by the residents in
the Lawndale Neighborhood of Chicago that evolved toward cohousing during
the development was featured in the Summer 1995 issue of the Cohousing
Magazine The phone number listed for Catherine Moore (who came to the 1995
cohousing conference in Boulder)  is 312-522-1500.  Partners in the
project were developer Peter Bigelow and Lawndale Community Church at 3825
Ogden Av. 

I would be very interested in an update about Harambee homes.

Cohousing Magazine subscriptions are $30 per year. Write: The Cohousing 
Network, 1460 Quince Ave. #102, Boulder, CO 80304

Hal Mead of the Chicago Cohousing Network, H-MEAD [at] NWU.EDU, who subscribes
to this list wrote that article.  Hal, any chance of an update?


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