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Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998 18:57:40 -0500
Raines Cohen <coho-L [at]> Wrote:
>I hope somebody is taping or digitizing these shows so we can put 'em on the 
ann zabaldo <annz [at]> Replied:
>If  you (or anyone else) know how to do this and are willing to do it, we'd 
>sure be delighted! -- Ann Z.

It sounded like a few participants on this phone bridge were using 
speaker phones.  The simplest way to record these shows may be 
to tape record a speaker-phone that has good sound quality. 

Copies of tapes might be shared for ship/hand costs, or digitized 
from the tape recorder.  However, even with Mpeg3 compression, 
digitizing 60 minutes of any audio source may create huge files 
that are difficult to download.

About the Call-in show.

I may have been the only non-cohousing observer, but was 
surprised by the number of people who called in, some of who'm 
never heard of the  cohousing-l [at]  list. 

As an observer, it appeared to me there were several unrelated 
groups represented at different ends of the country, with many 
questions for the featured guest, Zev Pais. 

There was a recurring theme of group / organizational chaos and 
encounters with lender / investor adversity to cohousing-community 

However, it appeared to me the universal demand for cohousing is 
driven by more than a desire for engaging in logistical or group 
conflict dynamics.

Perhaps a critical mass of single and dual-parent families in the US 
are becoming adverse to the idea of raising families in career-
dislocated isolation, and are universally choosing housing options 
that offer more security, the capability of organized child 
supervision, or common-house dinners, and a legal structure that 
can compete for corporate subsidies and lawmaker loyalty.  

Cohousing could be the next subculture to transcend an 
environment in the US that has become increasingly toxic to 
families characterized by career mobility and nomadic corporate-

Regardless of the chosen developer vs community driven 
construction effort, the creation of a national organization to meet 
these unique demands may be inevitable.  At the moment, it 
appeared to me that Zev Paiss and The Cohousing Network 
seemed to be making a formidable effort to meet this demand.

Roger Ruhle, ppl [at] 
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