Re: Cohousing and "career-dislocated isolation"
From: Morrison, Robert (
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 12:56:12 -0500
On Sun, 4 Oct 1998 16:52:20, fertilezone [at] [Roger Ruhle]
> Subject: Live Telephone Call-in show
> > Perhaps a critical mass of single and dual-parent families in the US
> > are becoming adverse to the idea of raising families in career-
> > dislocated isolation, and are universally choosing housing options 
> that offer more security, the capability of organized child 
> supervision, or common-house dinners, and a legal structure that 
> can compete for corporate subsidies and lawmaker loyalty.  

  You have raised an important point, which is that many careers
require people to live in an alienated environment, unless they pursue 
alternative forms of housing such as cohousing. That is, in many
the jobs are concentrated in places where almost all of the housing that
can be afforded by people in these careers, and is within reasonable
muting distance, is in alienated environments. Is this what you meant to
say? If so, I agree.

>Cohousing could be the next subculture to transcend an 
>environment in the US that has become increasingly toxic to 
>families characterized by career mobility and nomadic corporate-
  This raises another issue: It is more difficult for people living in
to periodically move to accommodate their employers/careers than for
living in conventional housing. So how would cohousing fix this problem?

Bob Morrison

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