Re: GN? Proposal for list changes
From: Judy Baxter (
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 11:48:40 -0500
Julie lynn wrote proposing a prefixes for subject lines.

<<The prefix list could be included in the original welcome to coho-L
document, and/or included in the monthly message from Fred Olson. And
then hardcopied and posted beside our communication tool for those of us
with smaller working buffers ;) In effect, we would then spread
responsibility back to originators - us - to categorize our creations as
we saw best fitting the bigger group. This MIGHT provide another version
of clarity, eliminating the need for two lists, yet allowing us to
benefit from the broader data pool as we chose. 

Another, very high traffic list that I am on, doesn't do that (tho I wish it
would ).    But it now has 6 rotating reminder messages that are appended by
the list server to the end of messages - they
        - point to a FAQ on the web
        - remind people to keep quotes short
        - remind people to delete them before replying ( so they don't
If we do something like these categories, I would suggest a reminder to use
them as a "footer" automatically appended.  The comment on the other list was
then in some cases this had been tried but wasn't used enough to be helpful.

AND, keep it simple


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