Re: Kids rules
From: lilbert (
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 16:34:11 -0500
This is an area where we have no hard and fast rules, but bigger kids 
generally means the ones who don't need their parents to tell them to get 
out of the way of a moving car, about the age of four or so.  We've got 
few rules that aren't subject to change, and we have the occasional kids 
meeting to hash things out, but mostly it's an evolving thing, rather 
than edict-type stuff.  I'm not sure any of our rules would be of use to 
people trying to please some government or commercial institution.  Our 
policy on making rules in order for outsiders to feel better has been to 
make them and ignore them, with the exception of HOA stuff, insurance, 

Liz Stevenson

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