Off topic posts to Cohousing-L
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 21:53:12 -0500
The last couple days both of my lists have had off topic posts.  These
things happen.  Sometimes it's a mistake (that looks like a spam, or is
the list manager making a mistake), sometimes its just plain off topic
(impeachment), sometimes its someone who's fallen for a hoax (send this
message about helping a kid to everyone).  There is no end of

The first way to minimize the impact of such things is DONT REPLY over the
list.  Complain to the list manager, complain to the poster, (please be
civil).  Specific references on hoaxes to the list manager are
appreciated. But replies over the list just prolong the off topic

Second, consider carefully before posting to a list.  Several hundred
people may see your message. Consider the subject line.  Avoid long
quotes.  If in doubt, wait a day to send it or consult the list manager.

Third if something is off topic or does not interest you, ignore it or
delete it and move on. 

Please DO NOT reply over the list to this message or any other that is not
about the topic for this discussion.  Generally it's preferable not to
apologize for a mistake over the list.  Please DO post messages about the
list's topic.

Fred, list manager

Fred H. Olson  fholson [at]    Minneapolis,MN   55411  
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