Re: Common House
From: Buzz Burrell (
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 13:14:07 -0500
On 10/14/98 9:20 AM Mac Thompson wrote:

>So if a person doesn't need to use a specific common resource for an
>activity and if the activity isn't a group activity, it won't happen
>much in a common facility.  That's why I think that reading rooms and
>meditation rooms in common houses don't tend to get used much.  Those
>tend to be private activities that don't require a special common
>Any thoughts on this theory?

Hi Mac;

I've always presumed the same as you.

Furthermore, I've also noticed a Common House quirk that I'd like to 
bring up:

Why is there such a big emphasis on DINNER?  It seems like a lot of 
building and trouble for a relatively infrequent activity.  Personally, I 
recreate, work, dance, garden, and then eat whenever I get around to it, 
so I've been inputting my lifestyle into our CH programming in hopes of a 
design/function that encourages my activities.  For example, we have a 
small group, but we are constructing a Home Theater in our CH.  I believe 
this is really going to draw people in, while also being economically 

Buzz Burrell
Geneva Community
Boulder, CO


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