Special incentives for developers
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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 22:02:41 -0500
With financial incentives in hand, Germantown, Wisconsin officials 
hope to attract development of a so-called conservation subdivision 
that could gain national recognition for safeguarding the 
environment. The Conservation Fund, a national group, promises to 
help design the project and promote it as a model for protecting 
water quality in the Great Lakes region. "I hope it will change the 
way we do business," says village planner Sig Strautmanis, 
"convincing us to use smaller lots and protect more open space." 
..To get developers' attention, the Plan Commission is offering 
financial incentives like basing sewer-service area calculations on 
the total size of the site, not just on the space suitable for 
development. ..Two projects are already underway in Huron, Ohio 
and Niles, Michigan. [For more information on The Conservation 
Fund's sustainable community efforts, visit 
]   -  
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 14 Sep 98, p 1, by Don Behm.

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