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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 13:09:56 -0500
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<<  We chose a bold palette - 4 yellow, 3
 terracotta, 2 bluish green, 2 plum, 2 blue - we and the architect were
 happy.  >>

Hi Robyn and List,
Tierra Nueva (CA central coast) chose a bold palette of terracotta stucco,
with trim colors of deep teal green, a wild plum and lapis blue.  Our stucco
contractor refused to do the terracotta because of the color variations (which
to my mind enhances the look).  So we reluctantly gave in to choosing from the
traditional (boring) stucco colors, and decided on a blush tan.  The remaining
three colors are painted on as trim colors over large areas of the exterior
walls.  They are bold and alive and shimmeringly vibrant. 

Our neighbors were furious when the colors started going up. One neighbor
organized a brigade and threatened a lawsuit, because she felt it lowered
their property values, being as she described them:  "barrio colors".  Mind
you, this is in Oceano, a predominantly hispanic community with a tiny fringe
of upper middle class custom homes.  We ignored them, and the furor has
dwindled to nothing.  

 I am thinking of painting my tan stucco terracotta so I can have my original
vision-adding the complementary color of terracotta to the deep teal, plum and
blues.  But then I may have to fight the CC&R battle which has a clause in it
that the exterior paint is to be maintained by the homeowners association.
Sigh.  Somehow I'll get my terracotta up.

So Bravo! on getting your bold palette through past the brown and tan brigade.
You are an inspiration to me to go for the terracotta.

Patty Mara Gourley
Where after 10 years of meetings held in bank conference rooms, members houses
and places other than our land, we finally had our first business meeting in
our common house last night.  It was totally illegal (our contractor still has
the liability on it until it passes final inspection), and we had to use the
Santo key to get in.   (Santo is our 9 year old climber who scales the wall,
slips in through a transom window, hangs from the light soffit, and opens the
door by turning the bar handle with his outsretched foot.)  It was wonderful
to set up our chairs in a circle and carry on with a meeting.   Now to move in
the furniture, set up the kitchen, start cooking and get some good smells
wafting through, have a rip roaring dance and hang out on the balcony
stargazing.  All in good time.

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