Neighbourhood Conflict
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 21:52:27 -0500
Paul Weber,  Terra Firma,  Ottawa, Canada,  cheza [at]
is the author of the message below but due to a problem it was posted
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Fred's Note- the problem of opposition from adjacent property owners seems
to be coming up more often. Cambridge MA , Burlington VT and this one.  
Is this a change or coincidence?  Fred 
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Hi all,

Our community, Terra Firma, is small and urban based. We have some limited
plans for expansion down the road. Sadly we have come into conflict with
neighbours who live behind us. They are now doing there best to get our City
governemtn to limit our expansion and do a special study on co-housing,
afraid that we will turn into a huge community that will disrupt the
surrounding neighbourhood. I would be interested in hearing from any other
similar communities who have had to face conflict in their neighbourhoods
and how they dealt with it.

Paul Weber
Terra Firma
Ottawa, Canada

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