East Coast Conference Bookstore
From: AMY B DE BOINVILLE (amydeboinprodigy.net)
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 13:54:36 -0500
Hello fellow cohousers!
   I know all of you have been hearing about the East Coast Cohousing
Conference to be held Nov. 20-22 near Philadelphia, PA.
   A special feature of the ECCC (as with other similar conferences) will be
The Cohousing Bookstore. We hope to have a wonderful selection of printed
materials for you to peruse and purchase. Of course, that's entirely up to
all of you. 
   If you are planning to attend, or even if you are not, you can reach many
more people than you could possibly talk to in one weekend by selling (or
giving away) your publications in the bookstore. The store will be open at
all breaks between sessions.
   I will be coordinating the inventory for the store. So please contact me
at the address below with any information about your publication (how many
pieces you will sell & for what price). If you will not be attending and you
wish to mail the materials to me, let me know in an e-mail and I will reply
directly to you. I will mail back any unsold materials with a check for
those sold.
   This is also the perfect venue to sell t-shirts, buttons, hats, bumper
stickers & any other Cohousing-related paraphenalia! I'm sure folks are
   See you all in November!
   --Amy de Boinville
      Partner and future resident of Liberty Village Cohousing
      Libertytown, Maryland
     e-mail: amydeboin [at] prodigy.net
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