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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 12:26:20 -0500
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>And, how do you throw a private party in the midst of community?

What a wonderful story! Please please keep writing.

The first time I came to Southside Park as a NON RESIDENT when a few families
had already moved in, I felt like snarling and swiping at them. They were
acting all happy and content living in MY SPACE, the space I had longed for
and dreamt of for lo so many years, and why were THEY living here when I
wasn't? HOW DARE THEY! By the time I moved in 2 weeks later, I realized how
territorial I had become and was very glad that I was able to hide my gut
feelings on the previous visit! 

Take your time. No one knows how to do this. Several times we had small 2 or 3
family get to gethers, and had others showed hurt feelings that they weren't
invited. One of the great things about laundry rooms and clothes lines and
playgrounds is that you have time to visit and get over these little hurts.
Maybe next time the left out folks were invited to a different event. Much of
it works out over time. Some people still feel that they should be invited to
EVERYTHING, but, oh well. Too bad.

Thanks again Patty,

Pam Silva
Southside Park
Sacramento CA

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