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I would like to invite you to join the iaq mailing list.

The description of this mailing list is:

The IAQ List discusses issues and concerns regarding " Indoor Air
Quality". A variety of compounds, elements & conditions can pollute &
contaminate the indoor air quality of a home, office or building from
molds and bioaerosols to combustion by-products like carbon monoxide,
soot, PAHs & VOCs - many can cause serious health concerns and, in some
cases, extensive property damage. This list addresses the identification
and mitigation of contaminants. The IAQ Listserve subscribers consist of
highly qualified individuals in IAQ consulting, environmental health,
toxicology, science & research, H/VAC engineering , industrial hygiene,
risk management, recovery & restoration, insurance, medicine & law. The
posts are usually not so numerous to be burdensome; however, when
subscribing, the "Digest" option is provided if you prefer to receive
posts in one e-mail. There is no advertising involved or permitted on the
list - only a growing group of professionals interested in addressing IAQ
concerns & solutions. C. Flanders IAQ List Manager/Moderator
rkfabf [at] The list features a different useful &/or interesting IAQ
related web site each week in the trailers at the end of each post. If you
have or know of a site that should be considered - contact me privately
with the URL at: RKFABF [at]

You can join this list by going to the following web page:


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