Veggie co-op room avail. in Palo Alto,CA
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 16:23:51 -0600
[not strictly cohousing but of interest to people looking for 
community-type living; note: do not reply to me, see the body of message 
for details. -Raines]

Hi folks, 

We have a room opening up in our veggie friendly co-op on Dec. 1.
Our co-op is located in Palo Alto, CA and has been around for 
about 22 years now, though the people have changed. :)

The house is two stories and also has a basement. It's located 
by a creek side park that's between Menlo Park and Palo Alto and 
is in an older part of the town. The house has sunny rooms and wooden
floors, a wonderful country kitchen, large living room with a fireplace, 
2 full baths and laundry room. The basement is our entertainment/workout 
space. The house also has 5 bedrooms and we are looking for a 5th 

We share food here and house chores and we have a great garden
and yard. We also operate on consensus and have monthly meetings.
So it's more of a community/family than just a place to rent a room.
The cost to live here maxes out at $650/month which includes house
food, utilities and rent. You can see our co-op's website at:

There you can checkout our house guidelines, shopping list which
is currently evolving and a description of the house chores.

It would be awesome if we could find someone who loves to cook,
eat and garden and who hasn't any pets. We are also looking for 
someone who wants to participate in our co-op. It would also be 
great if you are connected to the net. :)

The current housemates vary alot. Three of us work for ourselves...
one is a web consultant and grad student, another and artist and 
webmaster of, and one a antique poster dealer. The forth 
works at WebTV and is into writing. Our ages range from mid 20's
to late 30's and three of us are women and one is a man. We also 
have a cat who is awesome and is very much apart of our community 
here. And we are queer friendly and hope you are too. 

So, if you feel that this is a place you might be interested in, 
please drop Lile some email (lile [at] We are having an open 
house this Monday evening (Nov. 16th) so prehaps we can have you 
come over and meet us and see the place then. 



Raines Cohen <coho-L [at]> <>
Member, Swans Market Cohousing - Old Oakland neighborhood, CA
Our construction loan/investment finally in escrow this week;
Demolition complete; foundation well along; Occupancy Fall '99

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