re: common house tables
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 19:58:18 -0600
>Does an ideal table also perhaps have a hole in the center, or a 
>removable plug, which could allow a lamp cord to descend to a floor 
>socket? (given that many groups find their overhead lighting non-cozy). 

Not a good plan to have a table lamp on a dining room table! Same reason
not to have flowers. It seriously compromises everyone to be able to see
everyone else at the table, no matter what the size of the table.   

The Danish communities ( and many north american ones who paid attention to
their cohousing professionals) have lights coming from the ceiling that
hang (or can hang) pretty low over the tables. If you want them really low,
which is very cozy, you'll want to have a way of pulling them up out of the
way for when you want to clear tables away for that dance you'll be having. 

Joani Blank
Doyle Street CoHousing (currently) and Old Oakland CoHousing / Swan's
Market (future)

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