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Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 09:25:20 -0600
We have had this thread before, but just so newcomers get the balance,
Sharingwoods Monthly assessment is $50 per month. That covers insurance,
taxes, replacement reserves (we are not locked in like CA is to a particular
percentage), childcare, parties, commonhouse bills, maintenance and capital
aquisitions (kitchen stuff mostly), and some other misc. things I am

Rob Sandelin

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> Condo fees at Doyle Street range from about $170 to $230 per month. At Old
> Oakland they will be considerably higher.  We have to have bigger reserves
> (reserves are required by law here) for big future expensive stuff like
> replacing roofs.We have to pay earthquake insurance here in N. California,
> and liability insurance of course. Utilities for the common areas are
> substantial even if you don't need any or much heat. . Most communities
> have to hire stuff out even if everyone in the community is handy and has
> the time to do repairs and maintenance of the property (like when
> the sewer
> line gets blocked). Then there's fire, water or wind damage to any common
> property (buildings or land) that's not covered by insurance. Washing
> machines and dryers and water heaters and furnaces break (we just replaced
> our common house refrigerator), you finally decide to get matching tables
> and chairs.  It really adds up.
> Then there are the potentially costly items unique to your community   For
> example, some roofing materials of the historic building we are turning
> into our community have been removed to provide us with sunshine and open
> space between our two rows of units. Those metal trusses which will fly
> over our walkway have been protected from the elements for 80 years. Now
> they have to be sealed to protect them from sun, rain, airborne dirt, and
> pigeon poop. That will have to be redone every X years and will cost
> several thousand dollars each time. I'm sure you get the picture.
> Joani Blank
> Doyle Street CoHousing (currently) and Old Oakland CoHousing / Swan's
> Market (future)

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