Tokyo Architecture Student w/Questions
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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 13:27:35 -0600
Fello Cohousers

I've been chatting with an architecture student in Tokyo via email 
and she has some questions for coho-l.  
I offered to put her request out to the group.
If you want to help this student and her efforts to apply cohousing to
please reply to her DIRECTLY (in addition to the list), since she's not on
(or to me, and I'll send your replies on.)

Thanx, Debbie Behrens - Highline Crossing

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first of all, let me introduce myself.
my name is etsuyo fukushima and japansese. my major is architecture.
it's more home. i'm a senior at colllege, so now i'm trying to write my
I was in boston as an exchange student last year.then i knew about
co-housing and after coming back to japan, i decided my thesis' theme, it's
about co-housing.

i'm trying to get as much information as possible, but it's pretty
difficult, because i'm in tokyo.

I'm interested in how people live in cohousing and feel, and how the
community works.

I read the magazine, cohousing and checked the web sight, too but there are
few informations what i want to know.  So I need to hear from people by
email. I wish I could meet them to  interview.

1. how do people live and feel in cohousing

2. Was your community built by developer or people who would live there?  

3. How big is the community? 

4. When did you move there?

5. Why did you move to cohousing? 

6. Why were you interested in cohousing? 

7. Could you tell me your family member, ages, and jobs?

8. Did every member of your family agree to move to cohousing?   

9. Especially who wanted to move there?

I would like to ask you more after receiving your response.
I really appreciate your help.

Etsuyo Fukushima
etsuyo [at]

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