Kitchen Equipment
From: Robert Melvin (
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 21:39:41 -0600
Hello from Cambridge Cohousing, where we are starting to have meals in 
our Common House dining room, but where we do not yet have a stove or a
dishwasher. (We cook in our units and people bring their own dishes.) I've
read some relevant messages from the archives, but I suspect there's much
more experience to draw from now. So, to renew this thread, I'd like to ask
a few questions:

What cooking equipment are you using? (make/model, #of burners, BTU of
burners, griddle?, grill?, wok burner?, #of ovens, size of ovens,
convection, warming drawers? - and so on). Also, what type of dishwasher
are you using?

How is this equipment working out? What would you like to change? 

To put this information in context: How many people attend your meals, 

Right now, the $1,500 question is this: Will we often need to have more 
than four burners going at the same time? 

There are thousands of other questions we'd like to ask, but the most
immediate concern is to spend our equipment budget wisely. Any tidbits of
relevant information would be greatly appreciated. 

Bob Melvin
cambridge cohousing
bob_melvin [at]

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