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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 11:41:08 -0600
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>We would like to link our website with other websites.  Is there a specific
>series of steps you would recommend that we go through in order to develop
>links?  I am not refering to the technical steps of linking two sites, but
>rather to the process of making contact with other companies/organizations
>and developing agreements related to links.  Also, in what cases, if any,
>would you recommend that we pay for links?  Finally, does anyone have a
>list of sites that cohousing communities would generally want link with?
>If so that would be a GREAT starting point!  

As with any publication, start by thinking about who's visiting your 
site, why, and what they're interested in. Links are a valuable form of 
content on a website, and reciprocity is a good thing ... in general, 
people are more willing to link to you if you link to them, and payment 
is rarely required, unless you're talking about putting banner ads on 
real estate sites or something silly like that. Start at and point to sites and pieces of sites that illustrate 
what _you_ want to talk about, and help connect people to other useful 
resources. You do not need permission or anything else to link to 
someone's site... you're doing them a favor, bringing them traffic, 
eyeballs, awareness. But if you send them a nice not saying so, you might 
be more likely to get them to link back to you!

Raines (on my way out the door to the Art of Community conference in 

Raines Cohen <coho-L [at]> <>
Member, Swans Market Cohousing - Old Oakland neighborhood, CA
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Demolition complete; foundation well along; Occupancy Fall '99

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