RE: FIC Communities Directory
From: fertilezone (
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 07:04:41 -0600
I would like to thank Liz Stevenson, Sanda Everette, Lynn Nadeu, 
Fred Olson, and Rob Sandelin for their help with understanding the 
FIC directory. 

I purchased the FIC directory after growing tired of on-line 
searching.  I was hoping for a one-stop shop to find a complete 
community list for a required relocation.

I might suggest to Michael Morgan, a Web form with a box for 
name, address, and 50-100 word description may be the only foot 
work required for on-line-savy groups currently missing from the FIC 
directory / Annual updates / FIC Web site.  

There are numberous missing groups, active on 
cohousing-l [at] , that can click on a link there, 
which leads to a form at the FIC Web site.  Perhaps the list owner, 
 Fred Olson, could find reason to include such a link in his periodic 
Unsubscribe message to get most of these groups listed.

While duplicating a book on the Web may kill the need for 
hardcopy and make future inventory impossible, perhaps those that 
buy the book can have an unpublished URL that maintains a 
central update to the hardcopy they purchased. 

Perhaps the most desireable and simplest update could come 
directly from the numerous groups active with 
cohousing-l [at] 

Trusting to periodically see an FIC-web-form link on 
cohousing-l [at]

Roger R.
Moving to SF Bay Area

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