Re: Renters--how has it worked in your community?
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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 08:51:34 -0600
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<< -Does your community include renters?  

At Tierra Nueva in Oceano, CA we have included renters in our community.  

<<What % of those living in your  community are renters?  

3 of our 27 units are being rented.  11%.  In addition rooms, will be rented
out in homes where the homeowner is in residence. 

<<and Is there a limit on number of renters?  

We have not set any limits.  Yet.

>>Are expectations/requirements different for renters than for PWM's (People
 with Mortgages, I got that from the archives)?  

Renters are given the same rights and responsibilities.  Community work,
meetings, decision making.  The only time a renter is not included in voting
is in matters of finance on a homeowners association level.  

Are renters in a hierarchy  for certain privelages, eg parking spaces?  

Nope.  Each home has 2 parking spaces.  Whether they are PWM or renters.

<<What do you see as some of the direct consequences of having renters, maybe
that you had not considered?

Too early to tell now.  One benefit so far is that one of our homeowners has
been able to rent a neighboring duplex unit for their elderly parents.
Another is that a college student daughter of a member family is renting a
room from another member.  She can live close, but not too close.  

Renting options seem to have given us a diversity of age and financial station
that homeownership might have limited.  I'm still waiting for the single mom,
but it seems that rents are still too high to be affordable to single moms
with kids.  A pity.

 >>Any experiences that other communities may learn from? >>

Years ago when I was visiting Winslow Cohousing (WA) and chatting with the
folks prepping dinner in the common house this little gem of wisdom came
through:  Encourage renters.  They will be the ones who can contribute energy
and enthusiasm when the homeowners are feeling wiped out, dragged out and
depleted from the rigors of development, construction and move-in.  

Best of luck to you,
Patty Mara Gourley
Tierra Nueva Cohousing, Oceano, CA  

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