Straw Bale Wall Raisings/ Workshops, Dec. '98, Concord CA
From: mark a demaio (
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 23:08:16 -0600
Straw Bale Wall Raisings/ Workshops, Dec. '98, Concord CA Oasis
Ecohousing (East SF Bay)

Happy Thanksgiving!,
After a long summer/ fall of post and beam framing construction activity
and coordinating with the local building department, Concord (CAOasis
Ecohousing is pleased to announce a series of free weekend straw bale
wall raisings/ workshops roughly featuring bale stacking earlier in the
month and detailing later in the month. As our roof  has been installed
over the structure, we will not be significantly impacted by weather.
This two story structure will feature bales placed on edge in an infill

1)If possible, please let us know by e-mail by Wednesday before the
weekend that you'ld like to visit and work with us so that we can plan
activities based on a head count. We are not very good at returning phone
2) Bring sturdy shoes, gloves, and long sleeves. Safety glasses and dust
mask are advisable for comfort.
3) Please bring food for yourself at least, and consider bringing
something for a potential pot luck dinner afterwards.
4)Our insurance company won't allow kids under 18 on the construction
site, but they can play or maybe do a project next door- please be
prepared to watch or share watching if you bring children.
5) Let us know if you would like to help prep for the weekends or work
during the week.
6) If you are a tradesperson or have other skills to offer, let us know
so that we can utilize your skills to the highest level.
7)We'll typically work from 9-5.

In Sustainable Community,
Mark DeMaio, PE
Concord Oasis E-coHousing 
Where we're currently building a straw bale building, scheduling informal
low to no
cost worshops, and seek volunteers, workers, and core group participants.

Going north on 680, get off at the Treat exit shortly after the 680/24
"Y" and make a right on Treat.  Go approximately 2 miles and make a left
at light onto Oak Grove Road. Go through the next 2 lights on Oak Grove
Rd. on either side of a Bart underpass (David and Minert). Go through the
next light (Chalomar on your right, Keswick on your left) and make a
right on the unnamed private drive just past Concordia Lutheran Church,
just before the New Directions Counseling Center. If you come to the next
light (Whitman Road) you have gone too far. The property is located on
the unnamed private drive just behind the counseling center (2nd lot on
left, follow new pavement to the left). Meet at the construction site at
994 A Oak Grove Road or inquire at 994B Oak Grove Road, the single story
house on the middle parcel of the second lot on the left. Although the
property has an Oak Grove Road adress, it is not actually located on Oak
Grove Road.

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