RE: Native Plants
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 10:25:01 -0600
My, how this topic spreads. I am on another list server where the "Native
plant natzis" are duking it out with the "genetically dysfunctional

The word "required" is interesting. Why would such a thing be required, and
by whom?

I would suspect that a well placed native plant would need little if any
watering once it was established, which might be the key? Landscapes can be
the occaision for lots and lots of fun work if you enjoy such work. However,
if you do not, then careful placements of the right plants in the right
places will save you lots and lots of work later. Not to mention water.
Native plants, should need no watering except when first being placed.

This is what my wife does for a living, create really attractive landscapes
that are low to no maintenance. It requires a great deal of plant knowlege
to accomplish this. She uses a lot of natives but does not limit her pallete
to only natives.

Rob Sandelin
Where the landscape blends nicely between natives and ornamentals and its
hard to tell sometimes which are which. (thanks to the talented landscape
crew we have)

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