Re: Native Plants
From: Claire Elliott (
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 14:33:32 -0600
Other reasons (besides water conservation) to plant natives is to
provide habitat for native insects (butterflies, bees, etc.), birds and
other animals.  Also, there are a number of ornamentals that escape the
boundaries of our yards and displace natives in sensitive habitats (for
example german ivy growing rampant along creeksides).

A great reason to not require natives is that no one would be able to
plant carrots!
Claire Elliott

Rob Sandelin wrote:
> My, how this topic spreads. I am on another list server where the "Native
> plant natzis" are duking it out with the "genetically dysfunctional
> ornamentalists"
> The word "required" is interesting. Why would such a thing be required, and
> by whom?
> I would suspect that a well placed native plant would need little if any
> watering once it was established, which might be the key? Landscapes can be
> the occaision for lots and lots of fun work if you enjoy such work. However,
> if you do not, then careful placements of the right plants in the right
> places will save you lots and lots of work later. Not to mention water.
> Native plants, should need no watering except when first being placed.
> This is what my wife does for a living, create really attractive landscapes
> that are low to no maintenance. It requires a great deal of plant knowlege
> to accomplish this. She uses a lot of natives but does not limit her pallete
> to only natives.
> Rob Sandelin
> Sharingwood
> Where the landscape blends nicely between natives and ornamentals and its
> hard to tell sometimes which are which. (thanks to the talented landscape
> crew we have)

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